I grew up skiing in the East.  So for me, having one run open, one lift open, and no bare spots on the trail, these are epic conditions.  The mountain got five inches overnight and it’s still coming down.  The only lift open currently is Explorer, but hey, it was a great day.  A few of the ski patrol was literally up a tree with ski boots on hanging a “SLOW” sign,  and the rest were getting their training in.   Working hard, keeping us safe!













On my first run I was happy to meet Kerri and her children Isiah and Sage.  They are from Belgrade and have been skiing Big Sky for years.  Kerri is in the same boat I am.  Her kids are getting better than her, and leaving her in the dust.  I feel your pain Kerri.  I’ll ski with you next time you’re here. Loving the ski gear too!  You get outfit of the day!