On the first run of the day I meet Edwardo, a cook at the Summit Hotel. He is all pumped up for more terrain opening up and hoping to get in at least 80 days this season.  He topped off at 105 last season.  This year he has the “shredule”, which means his work schedule will allow him to shred all winter.  He also shared a gem of a menu item at the Summit.  They take homemade stuffing, put it in a waffle iron,  and top it with turkey gravy and cranberries.  I’m in on that!

Riding the new high-speed Powderseeker was also a gem.   A new, state-of-the-art, six seated lift with  heated cushions to replace the Triple Chair.  Very sweet.  I almost wish it wasn’t so fast, I could have stayed on it a lot longer.