One of the greatest pleasures Ive had over the years, is ringing in the new year skiing.  New Year’s Eve at any ski resort seems to have that festive buzz, that can’t be compared with any other celebration.  I’ve never been to Times Square on New Years, but honestly, what is the allure?  Id rather freeze my tush off on a mountain that crammed on a city street.   No cops necessary at security checkpoints, just the liftys scanning my pass.


And today, like mother, like son, we were twinning with our Faction Skis.  Mine however did not make it through the gladed drop Mikey took me through, quite as nimbly as his carried him.  My theory is that he is lower to the ground and his skis are shorter.  But he did wait for me, when he could have left me in his dust.  I will never forget the first time our whole family skied together.  The kids had gotten to that point where they could manage the lift and the terrain independently, and all I could think of was all the great times we had in store for us on Lone Peak.  Skiing with family…true satisfaction.