No, this is not a yard sale, and I am not selling these on Craigslist.  All of this contributed to the one outfit I had to wear to endure the negative temperatures and windchill today.  Starting with an Under Armor Cold Gear base layer, I then opted for two Smartwool mid- layers.  Next came the North Face thick down vest, and topped off with an insulated Mammut jacket.  That was just for my top.  Patagonia has expedition weight capilene long underwear, so I doubled those up and then put on my ski pants.  I swear  I was ready for Everest, especially when I donned double ski masks! Oh ya, then I popped in two hand warmers into my gloves with liners.

One piece of ski gear that really has made an impact and allowed my to stay on the mountain longer is the S4 Hotronic Footwarmers.  Today I had them in my snowboard boots and cold toes were never even an issue.  Im thinking Hotronic should make a full body warmer.  I suppose that battery would a little larger.