I’ve been riding the same board for about 5 years, and after a few runs of wrestling through the crud, and fighting my backside edge, I started thinking there must be a better way.  As I’m in the lift line, I’m checking out what the “other kids” are wearing like I’m in high school, and Im starting to feel very uncool and will probably not be sitting at their table at lunchtime.  I’ve got no slope-cred.  What I recognize however is that I definitely need an upgrade.  Board shapes have changed, materials have changed, and binding technology has progressed markedly.

There’s only one thing to do.  Visit Tom at Gallatin Alpine Sports. (GAS).  Everyone at GAS is super-helpful and soon enough, I’m working with Kelsey and looking at the Arbor Swoon Rocker with NOW bindings.  The board has extra contact points at the toe and heel that assists with carving on a rocker-type board, and the bindings have a skateboard-like action in the base that gives you a “turn assist” when moving edge to edge.


After the first 100 yards on this board/binding set up, I’m giggling at the ease of turning and carving.  I’m not doing any ollies or board grabs, I’m more of a surfer style-cruiser. But I do think, with the help of the good folks at GAS, I got my slope-cred back.