The Jack Creek Preserve is a 45oo acre protected habitat and wildlife migratory corridor of the Madison Range.  This preserve connects Big Sky to Ennis and the Madison Valley, and is largely an untouched gem and true piece of paradise.  Eight miles in we met up with Sarah Tilt and her husband Whitney, at the Outdoor Education Center and geared up for a day of cross-country along with their three bird dogs, Blaze, Chase and Birdie.  Sarah is the Executive Director for the Foundation and was very gracious to host us and educate us on her mission for the preserve.  Plus she makes a mean chili.


The Preserve was created to protect this pristine landscape from future development, and to secure the open space for the wildlife.  This all begins with education of the community at all ages, especially the school aged kids. I’d love to see the Big Sky School District connect with Sarah and all the programs and camps she is offering.  Maybe we’ll see a new generation of environmental stewards, enjoying the wilderness, and protecting it at the same time.  Thank You Sarah and Whitney for an unforgettable day!  Check out their website at