Getting there is half the fun of it.  Traveling with Denise and her son Nick, and my two kids, we made our way south on Friday morning, stocked with tons of junk food, including gas station mini donuts with no expiration date.  Our halfway point was Ashton, Idaho, the seed potato capital of the U.S.  Luckily, we were there for the 100th anniversary of the American Dog Mushing Derby.  The  first one was held on March 4th, 1917.  Back then the residents depended on dog sled teams to deliver mail and supplies during the winter when the snow was too deep in the high country.

After the race, there was a soup challenge, and a dance.  $3 per person or a couple for $5.  We were tempted, but we had to mush on.








We had two fantastic days of skiing, and an overnight dump of six inches.  Then the clouds set in,  turning Grand Targhee into Grand Foggy.  I rode the lift with a lot of the locals, and they could not have been a friendlier bunch.  They are very fond of their mountain, and very happy to share it.  There was a shared sense of pride for Targhee among them that I can relate to regarding Lone Peak.   I was starting to feel like I was cheating on my mountain.  Sometimes it takes a little time away, to make you realize how good you have it right at home.